I was experimenting with different ways to save my translation files. I at first saved them individually and now I just have a master document. It's basically well over 100 pages now, close to 200 pages at this point... I didn't load all the chapters into it (maybe 5) but will be over 200 pages … Continue reading SFLQT CH 31


I'm going to see how long I can mass translate. I don't want to burn myself out either. I hope everyone is still enjoying the translated chapters. Thanks! Keep safe and healthy! Previous / ToC / Next The staff moved a table up to the stage, placing a laptop on it. After hooking it up … Continue reading SFLQT CH 30


Apologies for the lack of translations but translating isn't really on my priority list. Dealing with both my kids, their remote learning, constant upkeep of the house, meals, grocery shopping wears me out. I hope everybody can understand. I went out recently for the first time in 2 months just to walk with my children … Continue reading SFLQT CH 27